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How safe is your tablet and laptop?

March 23, 2023

How safe is your tablet and laptop?

The New Tablet and Laptop Tag Set

tablet back

After much research and testing, the Tablet and Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has been developed for Tablets and Laptops.

This new tag set is a very powerful answer to the problems caused by the many devices people are using. These devices are generating Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that are causing our DNA to break down.

Testing has shown that DNA generates Heat Shock Proteins due to damage being caused by EMFs.

Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields emanating from the Bluetooth and WiFi antennas of Tablets and Laptops are believed to cause bio-energy effects to the DNA when they are in use.

Dr Mercola sends out warning

Researchers warn laptops should be renamed to protect users’ health

New research published in the Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health evaluated five commonly used laptops of different brands.

“After measuring the EMF exposure produced, researchers found EMF values were within the guidelines put forth by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), but ‘considerably higher than the values recommended by 2 recent guidelines for computer monitors magnetic field emissions, MPR II (Swedish Board for Technical Accreditation) and TCO (Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), and those considered risky for tumour development.’

“Further they noted that the EMF values became alarmingly high when the laptop was used close to the body:

“When close to the body, the laptop induces currents that are within 34.2% to 49.8% ICNIRP recommendations, but not negligible, to the adult’s body and to the foetus (in pregnant women).

On the contrary, the power supply induces strong intra- corporal electric current densities in the foetus and in the adult subject, which are respectively 182-263% and 71- 483% higher than ICNIRP 98 basic restriction recommended to prevent adverse health effects.”

This led them to conclude:

“Laptop is paradoxically an improper site for the use of a LTC, which consequently should be renamed to not induce customers towards an improper use.”

Dr Mercola’s Personal Experience

“I have used a 13-inch notebook for many years as I travel. It was a marvellous way to keep productive during my travels on a plane and as a passenger in a car. For some reason it never occurred to me to measure the EMF radiation coming from the device. Recently I used a gauss meter on my notebook computer, and on those of a number of my staff.

“I was shocked to find that the EMF levels were off the chart on the device and most readings were higher than 100 milliGauss. Safe ranges are less than 0.3. I do still use my notebook computer, but needless to say I have made some VERY serious adjustments to using it -- and I would strongly encourage you to do the same. Most of the radiation decreases about 2-3 inches away from the computer. So I have been using an external keyboard ever since I found out that the readings were so high. I never put the device on my lap unless there is a 1-foot cushion under the notebook, as that is about how far the field extends out.”

“If you don’t believe me on this one I would strongly encourage you to get a gauss meter and measure your own notebook computer and see for yourself.”

EMFs Cause Heat Shock Protein Activation In The DNA

Dr Martin Blows the Whistle

When Dr Martin Blank spoke in 2010 he stated how we can now know for sure about the damage being done to our DNA due to man-made electromagnetic fields. He specialised in the study of heat shock proteins that DNA produces when affected by EMFs. Heat shock proteins are a response by the DNA because of the strands being broken down by these frequencies.

He said they have identified 20 proteins produced by the DNA that are involved with the heat stress response, and in particular one named HSP 70.

DNA: hsp breaks

Results from fitting the new Tesla’s Tablet and Laptop Tag Set

Testing done with the micro-capillary microscope has shown the blood flow slowing down considerably while the person was using a device connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, whereas the same person’s blood flow increased when the same Tablet or Laptop was fitted with Tesla’s Products.

Thermal image tests have shown the heat patterns when a laptop or tablets are just 10mm above the skin, but when the same test was done with a the Tesla’s Tags fitted to the either device there is no heat pattern from the laptop and tablets.

When the Tablet and Laptop Tag Set is fitted correctly to your device, it may help alleviate the energetic effects associated with EMFs.

Tags on the front of a tablet

Dr Martin Blanks evidence linking heat shock proteins in the DNA to devices that emit EMF’s and the health problems related to this should be a wakeup call to all of us.

You may require more mainstream scientific studies that are complete and accepted by the authorities that prove 100% the effects these devices are having on us, but if that is the case we should err on the side of caution and take our own precautions till that day comes. Remember how long it took to get the tobacco industry to accept that there was a problem, let alone to get the mobile device industry, which is much bigger, to admit to the problem that exists with EMFs today.

The range of frequencies that can affect us

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius who had lodged hundreds of patents in his lifetime. He had a unique understanding of energy and how it worked with the human system.

Nikola Tesla

He was very concerned about the detrimental effects that some of his inventions like his AC Induction Motor, the AC electrical transmission equipment, and Wireless devices etc., would have on humans.

DNA under attack 

To counteract this he designed a device that would change the structure of certain metals to a transceiver that, once changed, would tune to certain frequencies in our Galaxy and the Earth to bring about harmony to these EMFs.

Many people over the last 20 years have used the Tesla’s plates, which are altered by this device designed by Tesla. They testify to the benefits and wellbeing it has brought to their lives.

The new Tesla’s Tablet and Laptop Tag Set comes ready to fit with double sided tape already attached; fitting instructions follow.

What is the investment for the Tesla’s Tablet and Laptop Tag Set?

When looking at the value it can bring to the health of your DNA and your life, not to mention those whom you share your devices with and the benefits it achieves, it is priceless.

The Tesla’s Tablet and Laptop Tag Set will be effective for the rest of your life and can be transferred to new devices when you purchase them.

The Tablet and Laptop Tag Set is a set of four flat tags which currently retail at $230.

Laptop and Tablet Tag Set



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