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How to choose your Personal Pendant from Tesla's Innovational Technologies

The Personal Pendant is the bedrock of the range from Tesla's Innovational Technologies. It was created to strengthen the individual's energy field and is something everyone can benefit from, plus it looks good! 

When choosing your Adult Personal Pendant, the first thing you do is choose the shape which speaks to you or attracts you the most. The choices are Round, 14 sided, Octagonal, Oval, 10-sided, Yin Yang Round, Yin Yang 14 sided, Triple Surfboard, and Double Dolphin (see picture below).

Then, after you have chosen your shape, go to the Adult Personal Pendant page (see drop down menu above) and look at the colour and pattern selections there. 

REMEMBER: The patterns and colours displayed on these pages are INDICATIVE ONLY, as all our products are hand decorated by our artists, and as such, no two are the same. Some of the colours are extremely difficult to produce and will have variations.

The Teen Personal Pendants come in a specially teen-sized oval, Double Surfboards, and the Teen Dolphin which is also oval. Please see Teen Personal Pendants in the drop down menu above.

All Children's Personal Pendants are the child-sized oval. These can be viewed from the drop down menu above.