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In Search of Harmony

April 06, 2023

In Search of Harmony

The world has gone mad.

 Everything is so chaotic!

 Life was so much easier years ago.

 These sorts of sentiments can be heard time and again. Perhaps you’ve even said them yourself. There seems to be so much to do, and things seem to crowd in around us, we feel so tired. What we all need is a ‘Bubble of Harmony’.

 Why is it we feel this way?

Our feelings of malaise can be caused by many and varied things. One of the things it may be due to is Geopathic Stress. This is where a person is adversely affected by negative earth energies. Sources of Geopathic Stress include underground water, ley lines and vortexes, and power lines.

underground river

The Earth has many subterranean rivers and streams. Water will take up various materials from the substrates it moves through and, according to Hacker et al, “under certain circumstances, also metallic particles which, when transported by water, will induce electromagnetic fields.”(1) So via this mechanism, underground water can produce EMFs/EMR.

Prolonged exposure to EMFs may cause health challenges.

There is growing experimental evidence that EMFs - at least those of technical origin – can have significant effects on cells and the entire organism. Unwanted effects may include, for example, serious damage of the genome (including field-induced DNA strand breaks) (7-12), possible influences on certain factors connected with the bodily defense system (Hacker et al., unpublished), and adverse effects on proliferation and apoptosis, e.g. of neurons and neuro-endocrine cells. (Hacker et al)(1)

 Hacker et al also suggests these effects can be caused by the EMFs from underground water.

 Traversing the world are geo-electromagnetic field lines, called Ley Lines. These are part of the Earth’s energy system and criss-cross the globe. Ley lines originate below the surface of the Earth and project vertically through the ground and into the atmosphere. The nature of ley lines is yang or energetic and affects living organisms. Vortexes are similarly part of the Earth’s energy system and manifest as points of energy spiralling out from the Earth. An analogy might be that ley lines are the Earth’s meridian system and vortexes are similar to Chakras.

 The effect of above ground high-tension wires, phone towers, etc, can also be classed as Geopathic Stress. Over the last century and a half, since the advent of Alternating Current (AC electricity) in the nineteenth century and its global dissemination in the twentieth century, technological advances have grown exponentially. We are now surrounded by electrical gadgets, many of which we believe we could not possibly do without, and they all have an Electromagnetic Field and create Electromagnetic Radiation. High-tension wires abound, carrying the electricity needed to power all these tools and devices. These wires are a substantial source of EMFs and EMR.

 Geopathic Stress is not the direct cause of illness but it can lower your immune system allowing viruses and bacteria to impact your health. Unless measures are taken to prevent, change or ameliorate the Geopathic Stress, it is a continuous assault upon your body’s systems.

 As well as Geopathic Stress, man-made EMFs and EMR may be the cause of feeling debilitated. Some people are just more sensitive to electrical fields than others. Our homes are filled with electrical appliances and devices. There are almost as many mobile phones as there are people. Each one of these apparatuses emit EMFs/EMR. And there is evidence to suggest this energetic soup may not be good for us.

 A large and increasing number of studies during the past few decades have indicated a variety of adverse biological effects to be triggered by exposure to man-made EMFs, especially of radio frequency (RF)/microwaves, and extremely low frequency (ELF). The recorded biological effects range from alterations in the synthesis rates and intracellular concentrations of different biomolecules, to DNA and protein damage, which may result in cell death, reproductive declines, or even cancer1–7. Panagoupolus et al.(2)

Nikola Tesla, the man who was behind bringing AC electricity generation into wide public use, realised that this boon to humanity also had a dark side. So he also investigated what could be done to ameliorate the deleterious effects he foresaw.

 Tesla had developed a relationship with a young physicist named Ralph Bergstresser and just months before his death Tesla entrusted young Ralph with his notes. Using Tesla’s notes, Bergstresser developed the technology to create plates to remediate the challenges caused by electrical pollution.

 At Tesla’s Innovational Technologies (founded in 1993) we carry on the work started by Tesla and Bergstresser. We have products designed to strengthen and harmonise your bio-energetic field. It is with these items you can create your own ‘Bubble of Harmony’.

 By using a combination of components you can influence the energetic fields of both your person and your home. We have devised a kit specifically for this purpose: Tesla’s 5G House Kit.

 Tesla’s 5G House Kit includes:

  • the Personal Pendant, for strengthening your individual bio-energetic field. The Personal Pendant is attuned to each person. There are two in the kit;
  • two sets of Phone Tags to address the Bluetooth emanations of our ever-present mobile phones;
  • a Pocket Plate which is calming, may help speed healing and relieve pain, and can be shared with others;
  • an Electron Stabiliser for your house which is designed to lift the oppressive weight that electrically sensitive people may feel when exposed to EMR and EMFs;
  • a Water Kit which addresses the often problematic nature of water coming into our homes. This device creates Structured Water;
  • either a Large 5G or a Small 5G Oyster Plate (your choice at order, there is a price difference) which cover different area sizes. Both of these plates produce a specific non-Hertzian energy to make emanating energies more biocompatible;
  • a Car Travel Plate designed to calm the chaotic EMFs in your vehicle or wherever you travel.

 We have also built on this basic collection to provide for rental residences, larger homes, and offices. For more information contact your Tesla’s Consultant or, if you don’t have a personal consultant, contact


If you would like your own "Bubble of Harmony" check out the Tesla’s 5G House Kit and Tesla’s 5G Apartment Kit .




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