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5G Essential Kit - Large

This is the essential kit for a single person's environs (good for those living in areas of high geopathic stress) and represents a 20% saving on individual prices.

To allow living harmoniously with frequency interference such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines, smart meters, radar, underground water and ley lines, electrical substations, transformers in the street...the list goes on...

The 5G Essential Kit - Large consists of:

  • 1 Tesla's 5G Large Oyster Plate  – helps households cope with geopathic stress,

  • 1 Pocket Plate – helps with minor pains or bruises and can be used to alter the taste of water.

  • 1 Adult Personal Pendants – strengthens the energy field, helps concentration and also helps calm children who are sensitive to the manmade chaotic frequencies.

  • 2 Phone Tags – alters biological effects coming from mobile or cordless phone transmissions.

  • 1 Electron Stabiliser – attaches around a power cord and softens the chaotic frequencies in the wiring to coherent.

  • 1 Owners Manual.

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