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5G Small Oyster Plate - colours vary

Two specially produced fourteen sided plates, this plate influences an area of about ¾ of a hectare (1¼ acres).

The 5G Small Oyster Plate is used in single/double level homes and apartments.

In multi story buildings/offices it will cover 12 floors (6 above and 6 below the positioned plate).

The 5G Small Oyster Plate produces a specific energy which alters the frequencies from mobile phone towers, satellites, wifi, radar and high voltage power lines, rendering them biologically compatible.  In the process of doing this, plant and animal life are also energised.

In both home and work environments, people find they are calmer and less stressed when their home or office has been treated with a 5G Oyster Plate and an Electron Stabiliser.

Your Small Oyster Plate design is allocated by the magic of the universe. Design shown is purely for illustration purposes.