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Awakener - colours vary

This is a very focused little plate. If you are looking to open the third eye or calm and focus your mind then this will be the plate for you.

After many years of development and testing, the Tesla's Awakener has just been released.

The new Awakener plate is very special.  As you can see there is a large hole in the center of this oval plate.

A large amount of energy comes through the center and is very good for activating the energy of the third eye.

We are finding it has a great ability to help to both clear and focus your mind. 

When placed over your eyes it can help with vision.

They are very limited, so there may be quite a wait for them at times.

Treat both eyes at once with two awakeners.

Handy Hint: Stick the Awakener Plates to an old set of glasses frames that have their lenses removed, or buy a cheap pair of plastic play glasses from the two dollar store. BlueTak works great when fastening the Awakener Plates to the frames. 

Can be removed and used individually.
Limited Stock.

It is not possible for specific design requests, but it is okay to request general blue, gold, or merge colours in the "comments" box at checkout. We will endeavour to accommodate that request if suitable items are in stock at the time.

Sample photos are indicative only.