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Chakra Balancer

Eight sided twin domed plates fused together 90cm in diameter.

The Chakra Balancer is one of three items in the Practitioner range and has many uses, including balancing the chakras. The energy generated from this product may make its way to different areas of need. Many report the different effects they feel when using the Chakra Balancer.

This product is made up of twin plates treated together, to provide its unique energy, and fused together like that of an oyster to work in perfect synergy.

We suggest use only by practitioners who are skilled in energy work. The plate is not claimed as a therapeutic product.  Non-practitioners or those not sensitive to energies could misinterpret the efficacy of the product.

The Chakra Balancer has multiple purposes such as clearing unwanted energies and re-energising the blood flow, whereby balancing chakras.

Chakras play an important role in well-being and health and are an important part of our bio-energy system. Chakras may also be known as transformers, as when healthy, they are constantly spinning, bringing energy to the physical body and all its energy layers.

The main chakras are located on the spinal column, the head, and in the heart plexus but there are many more located throughout the body.

You will find many good websites to help understand more about chakras and their role.

The Chakra Balancer is sold with a long wax coated cotton cord and comes with useful instructions.

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