Large Octagonal Plate

Tesla's House Plate comes in two shapes, 14 sided and 8 sided (octagonal), the difference being the 14 sided has a very calming influence on its surroundings as well as taking care of EMR (air-born radiation), WiFi in the home and also underground water and ley line activities.

We are now finding that the 14 sided House Plate is not sufficient to cover homes in cities and suburbs due to the increase in communications introduced for modern technologes.

The Octagonal House Plate works harder than the 14 sided and is used in areas of mobile phone towers,WiFi in the home, high voltage power lines or electric trains and trams close by.

We at Energy Health & Harmony very rarely sell these House Plates for EMR now, due to the ever increasing frequency interference with our body.  

The Small Oyster House Plate is by far the more popular product for this situation as it is mor effective.

140mm x 1.5mm thick. Area of influence 1 acre radius.

The proprietary frequency matrix in this unit is specifically configured to help alleviate some of the energetic effects caused by geopathic stress.
This plate may also be used to energise reflex points and the auric field.