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Lightworker's Kit

The Lightworker's Kit is designed to assist you to fulfill your destiny, bringing light to dark places, using light energy from Tesla's Innovational Technologies.

The Lightworker's Kit is made up of a carefully selected range of plates that work synergistically to enhance and strengthen your energy field, frequency, and vibration. 

You will feel energetically supported as you immerse yourself in the work you are here to do, promoting harmony and balance throughout your mission. 

The plates are applied to both the client and the practitioner during sessions and can be used in person or from a distance. 

The Lightworker's Kit consists of:

  • 1 Large Practitioner Plate - This plate provides the foundation for all the other plates in the Lightworker's Kit. Use this plate to clear the space/room of uncomfortable energies and then use this plate to support your therapies. 
  • 1 Chakra Balancer - Balance and healthy flow in the Chakra system open the inner gateways for conscious connection to the atman - one's eternal self. Working with the Chakras can give you great insight into your clients and yourself. 
  • 1 Amplifier - The Amplifier is an exquisite plate developed to amplify your energetic work, powerful, vibrant, and a steady companion. This plate connects to the owner's matrix quickly and will have a sense of oneness. The Amplifier and Chakra Balancer can be used as a duo for additional energy-based work. 
  • 1 Awakener - An incredibly focused plate, a large amount of energy flows through the center and is very efficient at activating the third eye. The third eye chakra is called Ajna in Sanskrit, which translates to 'perceive' or 'command'. Ajna (third eye) chakra is the seat of our intuition, and an activated and attuned third eye allows us to make well-rounded decisions that link both the physical and spiritual realms, leading to powerful insights into ourselves and our clients.
  • How-to-use instructions
  • Access to recorded demonstrations

To assist our clients and lightworkers to carry out their important work, we offer this package at a 15% discount on recommended retail prices.

Each Lightworker's kit is individually made, and patterns and colours vary. 

It is not possible for specific design requests, but it is okay to request general blue, gold, or merge colours in the "comments" box at checkout. We will endeavour to accommodate that request if suitable items are in stock at the time.

Sample photos are indicative only.